USIMM Website Refresh

USIMM is a machining company offering 3D scanning, computer-aided drawing, 3 and 5 axis machining and 3D printing services to the artists, architects and engineers in the Greater Montréal area. As part of a full digital marketing campaign, my team was given the task of refreshing the website and reviewing their SEO and SEM strategy.



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My Responsibilities

Design and UX Lead
Production Management

USIMM website on desktop, tablet and mobile

The brief asked for an accessible, responsive, well-designed website to present USIMM’s services and projects. Their previous site overwhelmed the user with technical content which resulted in losing potential new clients. We worked closely with the client to improve the site’s content strategy, SEO ranking and user experience. We could capitalize on the material nature of their work by clearly visually representing the service they provide, from concept to final product. 

Above: the homepage on desktop

The solution was simple: to build two major sections, one for the services offered at USIMM and one for the industries they work with. The key to success was information hierarchy. Using concise well-written text and behind-the-scene photos, users could quickly grasp how partnering with USIMM for their 3D project could benefit them.

Examples of pages describing a technical service (above) and how they tailor services to a specific industry (below)
Screenshot of a page explaining how USIMM works with partners in the architecture industry.