About Me

Hello, I’m Catherine but most people call me Cat, and my pronouns are “she” and “her”. Nice to meet you! I am a UI Designer currently working at Ubisoft Montreal. For years, I specialized in eCommerce and user experience (UX), designing accessible and interactive digital products with conversion in mind. Nowadays, I focus on video game interfaces, learning every aspect of UI Art and UI Tech Art. I love to craft cohesive design systems, efficient UIs and bold visuals.

I love design and art in all its forms. I have a strong art background and I majored in Graphic Design. I thrive in the fast-paced online world and am constantly learning and evolving. I am eager to learn about the “next big thing.”

What I do:

Visual Design
Interactive Design
UX/UI Design
Product Design

Some of the tools I use:

Adobe XD/Figma
After Effects
Game engine

Industries I’ve worked in:

Video Games


I’m a gamer and love to share my passion for video games. You can listen to my friends and I talk about video games and geek culture on the Girls on Games podcast.

I also wrote blog posts. Here’s a small selection of things I’ve written about video games:

Ode to Photomode: Beyond Digital Photography
A seemingly simple feature fosters creativity in the gaming community

Grief and Gardening: How Stardew Valley Helped Me
Finding solace in a wholesome video game after losing a loved one

Falling In and Out of Love: Florence Review
A narrative mobile game that takes you on a journey of love, pain and self-discovery

I dabble in illustration and motion design. You can find my sketches and experiments on Dribbble and Behance.