Assassin’s Creed Kinetic Digital Campaign

Assassin’s Creed Kinetic is an activewear line designed by the licencing team at Ubisoft. The garments are inspired by the popular video game franchise Assassin’s Creed. My team worked on a full digital campaign which included a landing page and a reveal video.

Project done at

Ubisoft Canada

My Responsibilities

Art Direction
Visual and Interactive Design

Made for Active Gamers

We tackled this project with the artistic intent of mixing the iconic video game series’ world with the real world. It was important for gamers to understand that this was not just a branded collection, but a selection of items that they could confidently work out in. With those two key points in mind, we planned an on-site photoshoot, edited the photos, designed the landing page and created marketing assets for our media team.

Above: desktop capture of the final page
Assassin's Creed Kinetic landing page on desktop
The landing page on desktop (pictured above) and mobile (pictured below)
Assassin's Creed Kinetic landing page on mobile